Beauty Tips For Women Of All Ages

Maintaining or improving one’s beauty is essential for any woman nowadays. Many, unfortunately, resolve to go under the knife to surgically improve certain features of their body they feel are inhibiting their self-esteem due to the fact that they feel unworthy of their partners or maybe just jealous of other women around them taunting their voluptuous lips and bosoms in their presence. Of course, the attention drawn to them does not help the case of the poor women contemplating cosmetic surgery.

Whilst it is true that a minority of women do drastically improve their physiques or assets and also reduce a few years from their aging skin, which by this time has lost much of its original elasticity and lies sagging and withering at the mercy of the harsh environment, it is also true that natural and organic remedies have helped countless women beat the elements and retain or increase their beauty along the years.

Of all the body parts visible to the outside world, the head, particularly the face is extremely vulnerable to the elements and also the easiest to show signs of deterioration. Signs such as wrinkles or sagging cheeks are part of the aging process and if not dealt with immediately could wreak havoc to the bearer. Most attention is paid towards the face and make up, eye shadow, blushers and other similar concealers are used on a constant basis. Unbeknownst to most women, though these chemicals sometimes produce more harm than good and leave indelible marks that cannot easily be reversed. Some women have to realise that natural beauty should not be complemented by artificial means and that they sometimes actually even look better without them.

To maintain elasticity of skin tissue, water is the most vital resource and women should drink up to 8 glasses of water every day. Most natural juices (without added water or not concentrated)could also contribute to hydration, especially such juices such as carrot or tomato juice. A mixture of fruit and vegetable juices is probably the best concoction. Remember, the more colourful the potion the better it is for your skin!

The use of UV protection is not only valid for sun protection. It is also helpful to apply a layer under the make up especially when living in hot or humid conditions. Up to 80% of skin damage comes from the sun.

Try to choose a colour or complexion for such things as eye shadow and lipstick that compliments your skin colour and tone. Try and bring out the best in your features and make the most of them.